Toddler Program

Winchester Montessori School Front

The toddler program is designed to be a child’s first away from home learning environment. The atmosphere is warm and caring. It is a “child-sized” world where the child has a chance to feel the right size. It is an unhurried, uncluttered world that allows the child to explore his own natural curiosities; with everything being OK to touch, discover and explore.

The classroom is set up with activity choices appropriate for the development of the toddler mind and body. These activities fall into areas of practical life, sensorial, language and pre-math. Growth in confidence and independence is one of the primary goals of the learning choices in the Montessori toddler class.

In the classroom, there is space for movement, individual work, and group activities. Everything in the environment is proportionate to the child’s size and is designed to be safe and aesthetically pleasing. There is time for the child to do things for himself. In this world, there are others just as small and just as curious with whom to work and play; no towering adults, but rather adults to lend assistance. Each activity, whether structured or unstructured allows the child’s own abilities to grow and develop naturally. Each little success helps the child gain trust in himself and in others.

The toddler classroom offers an inviting bridge between the child’s home and entrance into the primary program awaiting him.